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The implementation of the Freedom of Information Act in 1968 has ordered the government of all the states of the US to make the records of the citizens open to the public. There are public records that contain controlled information to protect the privacy of an individual such as divorce and crime related documents.

Many request for a public record for their personal use. The most common reason for accessing family related files such as birth, marriage, divorce and death records is to conduct a research on the family history. Criminal related documents are used to conduct a background check on certain individuals.


Personal information of the person involved is the common information that can be found on the file. Such information is the name, birth date and the age. There are additional details that can be found that is specific only to the type of document that you are trying to obtain. Such information includes the marriage date for a marriage file, reason for death for a death certificate. Information about the conviction can be found on any of the crime related files.

There are certain things that have to be kept in mind when planning to obtain any of the public files. One has to be prepared for the fees that will be charged. Such fees depend on the kind of record you are requesting and the state where it is requested. The one who request for the record will be asked to provide some information like their name and address. In most cases, one will be asked about their relationship to person whose name is on the file, this is done to document the one who request for a certain file. The information about the record you want to retrieve 28859748798_b451b69f3d.jpg is also needed to easily locate the document for the archive.

Public records are kept under different government offices. For family related documents, the state office of the Vital Records North Dakota Public Records Search Section at the Department of Health Services can provide the documents. The office of the Criminal Justice Services on the other hand manages and provides the documents related to crimes such as police, arrest and criminal records. A mail request can be sent to the office to get a copy of the document. One can also go directly to the office to file the request from there. The file can be obtained after several days since it was requested. Another easy and popular method to obtain such files is to use the Internet. This method is easier and faster compared to any other methods there are.

A free public records search can be done by just about anybody who has internet access. One can also go for the services offered by paid websites. The money you spent is worth it because of the quality of information you will get. Unlike the results of a free search which may be inaccurate and incomplete, you can get quality and ready to use information.

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